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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

I have been reading and drooling about this product for a while now thanks to my fellow ppk-ers. I forgot to grab torts during my quick market run so on the way to the check out I thought I'd look for it, just for fun. I wish I could have seen how my face lit up when I spied it on the very top shelf next to the Earth Balance Peanut Butter and Maranatha Almond Butter. On second thought, I am kind of glad no one saw how excited I was since they wouldn't understand anyway. I've yet to try it but I have already read tons of suggestions that I am trying to erase from my mind (sort of). I am most tempted to make smores with it, thanks Liz! I wanted to get back to running, this is definitely going to force that to happen.

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