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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Everywhere in the OC takes 15 minutes: a freeway fieldtrip

 Yesterday we went to the OC as the first stop on our "Summer of Culture" mission. After paying respects to dearly departed family members we headed over to find the seabirds truck. Next stop was the Orange County Museum of Art. I should have reseached a bit more as I would have learned how small the OCMA collection is. It ended up being the buffer between eating stops instead of the main event. Luckily we love to eat, so it wasn't too big of a problem. Plus, I found my new favorite thing at Native Foods.
Here's a rundown:

My niece and I with the seabirds truck
That's a beer battered avocado taco in my hand. Jealous?

My sister with her lemon cupcake and my niece being her silly self.

We couldn't take many photos inside so this is us outside OCMA.

Native Foods Super Italian Meatball Sub
It is indeed super!

Your turn to take a bite.
All gone.

Don't worry, there is a vanilla cupcake too.

I remembered the hammock behind the restaurant and climbed in.

Do you like my fine vegan footwear?

If not, here is a more appealing view from the hammock.

A real live "love" seat. Enjoy!

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