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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First and Third

 We had lots to celebrate this weekend!

Saturday was my 3rd Penny-versary. We celebrate the day she was adopted since we don't know her true birthday. This was a wonderful year because she was so much healthier than the year before. I am so grateful for that. One of the small benefits of not working was having more time to spend with her. She learned a few more commands and also had more goofy playtime with me. Of course, her being healthy also meant we could do a lot more walking and a bit of running too. I'm almost to the halfway mark of losing my "dog" weight.

Sunday was my 11 year anniversary of becoming vegetarian. I'm thrilled that I made the change because I know it was the right thing to do for me. After two years of it, I decided it was time to "go all the way" and just go vegan already, so next year I can celebrate 10 years completely animal-free. It's exciting and I am happy about it, but there is something really embarrassing that also needs to come out.

I had my first green smoothie yesterday. Even though I eat lots of veggies, I am still not a fan of salads or raw veg (I did cry the first time someone tried to make me eat broccoli 26 yrs ago). And you call yourself an herbivore? Whatever! Anyhow, I got over being a big ol' baby and made one using the recipe my friend Anita makes for her kindergartners. It was delicious. I can't believe I waited to long to try one. I made another one this morning. It's a great habit I plan to get into and eventually I won't need to make the kiddie version. If you've never made one, get over it and go for it-you won't regret it.

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