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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Vegan Mofo IV Week 2: Sweet Savings

Today we went to Sprouts Farmers Market in Brea since it is so much better than the one by our house. We have a Sprouts, a Henry's and just got a Trader Joe's last year. I know I shouldn't complain since some people might not have any of those at all, but I so dearly wish we would get a Whole Foods out here already. Anyhow, we went to the Brea store about a month ago when we were on other O.C. errands. They had the Tofutti Yours Truly and some yogurts my mom liked, so we decided to make a special trip just for those and the TVP that Henry's didn't have the other night.

I found my TVP, so I grabbed two bags just in case I run out in between runs to Mother's. Their quinoa pastas were on sale but they were out of the shells and elbows which are my new go-to mac. I did get lucky with the baking supplies though. The Bob's Red Mill big bags of flour were 2 for $5. I also got some shredded coconut, a new bottle of vanilla, and more canned pumpkin. Since I miss the Vitasoy chocolate peppermint drink I am going to try the Westsoy version. They were 2 for $3, so hopefully we like it and can go back for more. Almost all of the baking essentials were on sale so if you're running low on supplies and cash-you should definitely check them out. Usually their prices are a bit higher than other stores, but today I got lucky. Did I mention their tofu was only 99 cents?

My favorite thing I bought was the Florida Crystals sugar in the paper bag. It looked so cute all dressed up like the sugar I used to buy. I didn't really need any since I just bought the plastic jug of it a week ago, but it was so adorable I had to bring it home with me. The baking section of the pantry was even more overcrowded after these purchases so I had to reorganize it. I went to Big Lots and got a plastic sterilite box to put all my extracts, spices, baking cups and other small items into. It is still a bit cramped but it looks so much better than it used to. I'll bet it looks super messy to everyone else but I have to share the cupboard with omni's so it's the best I can do with the amount of space I have right now.

Seitan is simmering on the stove  as I type this. It's only my second attempt, so let's hope I have a success story to share tomorrow.

P.S. I had pumpkin waffles for breakfast this morning- amazing! My mom tried a few bites and she liked them too which is a triumph since she usually says vegan things taste odd.

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