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Monday, November 08, 2010

Vegan Mofo IV: Week 2- Waffle Iron Maiden

I just made my first batch of waffles, ever! We've had the waffle iron for a few months now but I've never used it all by myself. Ever since I was a kid, everyone would make fun of me for being uncoordinated or clumsy. I was stupid enough to believe it for way too long, but now I know, it's not true, at least not most of the time. Since I have the house to myself today, I knew I could try and make waffles without anyone poking their nose or comments in my face. It was really fun and I only goofed up once, hooray!

We had waffles on Friday night and it made me want to eat more waffles. Also I felt bad for cheating with mix and I wanted to do some from scratch. It always tastes better and I like to pretend I'm exercising my whisking/stirring muscles while I do it. I had been wanting to make the Pumpkin Waffles from VWAV since forever so I finally did. I had everything I needed, so I just had to re-read the waffle iron instructions and get down to business.

Everything mixed up beautifully but the batter was still rather thick. I re-read the manufacturer's instructions and it said for thicker batter to use more, which should make sense, but I am an instruction reader, so I had to find out that way. The first waffle takes the longest and after that it is smooth sailing. I was doing great until the 4th or 5th one when I started pouring the batter without spraying the iron first, so I only got to spray one side of it. Thankfully it didn't get burned or stuck, but I made sure not to do that again.

They smelled like delicious pumpkin spiced goodness and I couldn't wait to eat them all up. The recipe said 24 regular waffles or 12 Belgian waffles. I don't know what kind of crazy waffle iron I have or what kind of crazy mixing I did but I only got about 6. It's okay though because I was afraid of having too many extra.They were quite filling so I only ate two. I can't wait for someone else to try them, but if they don't love them, it's just more for me. 

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