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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Vegan Mofo IV Day 4 Cheezy Life

Two weeks ago my sister's fiancé G surprised us with a menu from Cheezy Pizza, a place in Colton that offers vegan pizzas, calzones and cheesy breadsticks loaded with daiya deliciousness. We used to go to Pizza Kiln in Moreno Valley but if I remember correctly, they closed and merged with Pizza Time in Norco. It was supposed to be the same as Pizza Kiln as far as the vegan offerings, but much to our dismay, that never happened. We still could get vegan pies from Zpizza or just make our own, but what we really would miss were the calzones.

Cheezy Pizza is a slight reincarnation of Pizza Kiln. When G went to pick up our food he saw one of the ladies who used to work at Pizza Kiln. It turns out she was the one responsible for bringing in the vegan vendors and therefore, the vegan customers. I don't know the whole backstory of what happened and I really do not care to get into it. All I know is calzones are back and I'm happy to have another semi-local vegan option. Last I heard, the website wasn't completely up to date, so it's probably best to give a call before heading over. Even though we're ordering tonight, I hope the 15% off all Vegan orders on weekends promo is true.

Last time we ordered two calzones,two pizzas, cheesy breadsticks and jalapeño poppers, our eyes were definitely bigger than our stomachs. Luckily we are huge fans of leftovers and it was all gone by the next night. That night was our first time trying the jalapeño poppers. Since it's a pizza place, I don't know why I thought they would have cheddar daiya, but I did. They did not resemble traditional poppers, but were more like daiya mozzarella-jalapeño calzones, which isn't a bad thing, trust me. I "had" to eat them all since they were too hot for everyone else. The jalapeños got the better of me too, since I've only come to appreciate them in the last few years. I had to take some of them out. Don't tell my grandma, okay?

Photo was borrowed from Cheezy Pizza's FB page since our food isn't here yet.


Anonymous said...

I think the hardest thing about reading MoFo blogs is thinking about what everyone is eating. So of course, now I want some vegan pizza, calzones, cheezesticks, poppers and on and on...

Happy MoFo'ing!

trina said...

Ooh, I hope your dinner was as good as that menu looks! I sometimes find myself in that part of the world, and with the promise of vegan mozzarella sticks (?!) I may make a point of it. Thanks for sharing!