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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

taco salad tuesday

Even though I'm vegan, I do not eat salads often. I know I will not become a raw foodist on account of I like most of my food just shy of burned. I'll occasionally get salads when I am out but making them at home almost never happens. If I'm going to chop and prep a bunch of stuff I'd just as soon cook.

But there are some days when I don't want to cook, like when my sister works late or my niece is at her dad's. Or when I have not done a proper grocery run and I have to get a bit more creative, which I don't always feel like doing if it's only for one person. That's why I usually overcook so on days like these I can just have leftovers.

We had tacos a few days ago so I used the leftover taco mix to make a taco salad. I had salad mix and some extra sweet peppers in the bin. I added some cannelini beans to try and imitate the salad at The Press. I wish I had saved some onion from making Snobby Joe's earlier, but it was still good without it. I didn't think I would eat the small plate I fixed for myself, but I made light work of it. When I went back for seconds I decided to layer everything in a bowl for easier scoopage. Last minute lazy leftovers are a good idea sometimes.

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