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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let's Go Sparks!

Last night we went to the home opener for the L.A. Sparks, it was a blast! We left on time for once and got there early enough to get the free foam fingers and t-shirts (limited to 5000 so I thought we might miss that). We even had time to make a quick stop at Babycakes. It would have been quicker but someone (me) forgot to check the cross streets so we had to make a big loop before we could get back to the $3 parking a block away from the store.I think that might be the cheapest parking I've seen downtown. The vanilla brownie cupcake was delicious. Everything looked so yummy, but we'll have to go back another time to try it all out.

After we got all of our free stuff we went to our seats. Even though we just bought the tickets last week I forgot how good they were, fourth row courtside good. This is what I love and unlove about going to Sparks games. You can get extremely good seats for a fraction of what you would pay to sit there if the other L.A. team was playing, and they are almost never sold out. Luckily there was a great crowd for the home opener. I hope it stays that way all season. We sat a few seats over from someone who is a huge Sparks fan (literally and figuratively), Tiny "Zeus" Lister, aka "Debo", from Friday. His daughter is adorable.

Sparks got the first points on the board but were quickly answered by the Mystics. It was a great game to watch. I was nearly hoarse before the first quarter ended, and if you don't know, WNBA quarters are shorter than NBA quarters.My favorite players (Tina Thompson and Candace Parker) were on their game and the new ladies were too. I was especially impressed by Kristi Toliver and Ticha Penicheiro. It was the first win of this season, let's keep going.

I was cheering and yelling like a fool. I even made it on the jumbotron during one of the breaks. My niece was sitting three seats over from me and started to cry because I was on it and she was not. We tried for the rest of the night to get back on it, but we didn't. I guess we'll just have to keep going back until we make it.

p.s. Today is my veggie-versary: ten years meat free!

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