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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

strike two!

I hope the third dish I make from Yellow Rose Recipes turns out better than the first two. I don't know if I was in too much of a hurry and read something wrong, but both of my dishes were not as awesome as I had hoped they would be. Believe me, I know it is a case of operator trouble, not author trouble.

Last week I made the Kasha Varnishkes recipe on its own since it said you could make it with or without the gravy. My version definitely needed gravy or some other sauce. The kasha tasted great on its own. I probably should have left it at that and not mixed it with the noodles and onions because when I did, it was a dry plate. Maybe I needed more onions? I will try it again because it looks so hearty and delicious in the picture. I'll have to make the gravy just in case.

Today I made the Cajun Spiced Tofu to go with my favorite mac and cheese recipe (which I did not eff up!). I would have served greens too but it was a last minute plan and I didn't have any. I pressed the tofu and made the Cajun Spice as directed. I have never sliced a whole block of tofu into four slices before. I wasn't sure which knife to use so I chose my new bread knife. It made cool little designs on the slices, which almost made up for how uneven they were. The oven-oven was already baking the mac and I did not want to wait to turn it way up to broil the tofu so I cheated and used the toaster oven. I think this is where I made the mistake on this recipe. It took way longer than it would have in the broiler. The spices and breading had a good flavor but I kind of wish the tofu absorbed it more. Maybe it does when you broil it for real? I will have to try this one again.

Back to the cutting board!

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