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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mini update

* After almost two weeks back on the i/d, Penny is looking much better. I hate to admit it but something in that food does right by her. I went to the vet today to get more. I want to compare it to the science diet formula you can buy at the stores since my brother-to-be can get a discount for us. He's also trying to set us up for some free training classes.

* I am feeling really confident about walking away with that money from the weight loss bet. I think I lost 3-4 pounds already. So far it seems I am the only one who is making any effort, but I have to keep working hard and staying motivated. My sister and her boyfriend have a $100 side bet going so that is extra pressure. Since I've drafted my mom's dogs into my program, I weighed Carmela, the smallest dog, to see if she loses any weight by the end of our bet. I could not get Chloe on the scale, next time will just weigh myself with and without her.

* Yesterday I said goodbye to my Grandma C I'm pretty sure it was the last time I'd see her alive even if she didn't see me. She was asleep the whole time and would occasionally mumble a few words between snores and gasps. It's shitty to admit but I almost wish I hadn't gone. I am fighting like mad to keep that from being the last memory I have of her. I have tons of other great memories of her but the picture of her small wasted body is still burning my brain. I just want peace for her, no more pain. I know what will crush me most is to see my dad break down.

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