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Monday, May 17, 2010

It's easy

My lovely cousin and her British beau were married this weekend. I am so glad we could be there. It was a small wedding, only about 140 people, but there was plenty of love and happiness to go around. I wish my uncle could have been there to see his baby girl get married, but he was taken from us too soon. Thankfully she has an amazing stepfather and a wonderful brother to support her, and of course, now a doting husband as well.

The garden ceremony was delightfully short and the groom's side was a sea of fascinators. It was quite warm out yet so we would have been uncomfortably happy for them if it had gone on much longer. My cousin is such a quiet girl, that it was so great to hear her speak so strongly and certainly about her man. They're actually both quiet come to think of it. The groom's sister read a few lyrics from "All You Need Is Love", which reminded me too much of "Love Actually" and almost made me cry. Thank you Susan!

While the bridal party took photos I cannot wait to see, the rest of us enjoyed cocktails and appetizers on the veranda. Our family (her father's side) was a small cluster off to one side, while her mother's family and the groom's family took up the rest of the space. Her dad's family got a lot smaller after he died. There was a falling out between siblings that spread to the rest of the family. We all took the part of the two younger children and haven't looked back since. Rather than worry about who was missing, we enjoyed each other's presence. We took tons of photos in our fancy outfits, some of us still able to fit into old ones, and others proud to have new ones in smaller sizes. Everyone looked fabulous. I've such a beautiful family and it's just grown a bit once more.

We had a bit of a freak out at dinner when the caesar salads came out since I remember writing a note on the response card about needing three vegan plates. We checked with staff and they said they did know about three special entrees so we relaxed after that. Our grilled vegetables and polenta cakes were delicious. We had golden haricots and baby zucchini as well. When the bridal party came around my cousin asked if our food came out right because she had told them several times. I think she might have even cursed a bit, so it was like her dad was there for a moment.

I had about three drinks more than I had planned on which lead to spending a lot more time on the dance floor. I'm not one of those people who has to drink to dance, I'll act a fool with or without a drink. It's just a bit easier to get away with looking silly when people might think it's due to drink. At first there was a lot of 70's funk "hits" but then it turned to 80's songs and later to some very embarassing favorites of the early nineties. It was like being in eighth grade all over again but in a better dress without braces and the accompanying insecurity.

They set up a photobooth which we visited as many times as we could. At times the line was too long so we would wait and come back, only to find a line again. We decided to wait it out and then cram as many people inside as possible. I think the most we were able to fit was 8 or 9. There was only a curtain in back so the taller folks stood there and the rest of us squeezed on the seat and laps and so on. The photos came out in doubles like a passport and they had a man standing there all night to cut the sheets in half. I know the bridal party did a few naughty ones which should be quite hilarious.

I am not really a weepy wedding person, but this was one for the books. I truly enjoyed the entire event and I cannot say that about any wedding I've been to, but hopefully there are more like it in the future. I have some single cousins if anyone is interested...

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