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Thursday, May 13, 2010

candy = not so dandy

Last night after I walked Penny and I was feeding her, my sister hollered out the window for me. I was watching my dad hack at the neighbor's overgrown cactus with a machete and making sure my dog ate her food. I lazily hollered back at her instead of going inside the house. She didn't answer back so I called the house from my cell, which was lazier but less likely to annoy the neighbors. Anyway she asked me if I needed to go to Target, which really meant she wanted to go to Target and needed me to go with her. I love my sister but she will rarely go anywhere by herself. I told her to give me a few minutes and we'd head out.

I put my dog stuff away and washed up. As I was doing that I noticed the dishes I asked for help with were not done (I cooked, therefore you help clean). It's getting later and I'm not really in the mood to go to the store. I'm even less excited about cleaning up this mess when we get back. Since she doesn't go crazy at Target like I do, I know it will be a quick stop. I think she only had to get shampoo or something.

We get out of the car and start making our through the parking lot toward the store. We're about half way there when I see one coming at me, a teenager with a huge box of candy on his shoulder. He came right at us from about ten feet away. I felt like a target my damn self. The only thing worse than that is when they creep up on you from behind. One time we were at dinner and these two kids ducked past the hostess and started walking around the restaurant selling candy to a few tables before they were spotted and promptly removed. Kids are getting bold when it comes to these things, except for the slacker standing right by the door who muttered something about a discount card and football.

I'm not a complete jerk. I know the kids need to raise funds, but cornering people in the parking lot might not be the best strategy. Maybe you catch a few people off guard and they give in after your two minute speech, but it doesn't work for this gal. I don't like to be followed or chased down by anyone, even a kid who wants to go to d.c. or Disney or whatever it is this time. I know it sucks to walk door to door and have people tell you no, or worse, not even answer- but that is what I had to do when I was growing up. I had to fundraise for school, sports and scouts, same as these kids but it was so much simpler then, you know, when I walked uphill both ways to and from school.

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