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Monday, May 03, 2010

darling buds of may

Do you know what today is? Or what it once was? For the romantically inclined, get read to celebrate St. Valentine's day one more time -you can thank Henry Ansgar Kelly and Geoffrey Chaucer when you're done. You are further indebted to Anne of Bohemia for making Richard II fall so deeply in love with her to inspire the poet to write a poem, "The Parliament of the Fowls" on the occasion of their engagement. They were happily married and so in love that he tore down the castle after she died. You can read more about it here.

I first read about Kelly's findings ten years ago and have been spreading the word (and the love) ever since. If you'd like to read more, Professor Kelly has even devoted a book to the subject. I also found a modern translation of the poem, which I plan to read when I have more time. Kick Hallmark to the curb and recognize true romance in spring. It is mating season after all.

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