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Friday, August 07, 2009

eyes, knees, groin, throat

I just found out yesterday that the adorable boy at my niece's school who gives her the hugest hugs at the end of the day, has also been hitting her with the same fervor. Yesterday he put his hands around her neck. I am beyond upset. Where is he learning this behavior from? Why aren't the teachers seeing/stopping him? He should not be in school if he does not know how to behave himself.

What is bothering me the most is that our instinct upon hearing this was, what did she do? Did she knock his block off? Did she scream for the teacher? How did she react? When we found out she didn't really do any of the above, it was like we were disappointed in her in some fucked up way, when really what is the most disappointing is that this five year old boy already thinks it is okay to put his hands on other kids, especially girls. We shouldn't have to be teaching her to fight back because this kid should not be learning it is okay to be violent.

But since that is not the way the world works, at least not yet, we did have a quick self-defense session when she got home from school today. I have to dig out my copy of "free to fight" and teach her the primary targets song. I am glad the pacific northwest is still spreading the word with a self-defense element to girls rock camp. It's never to early to learn self-defense. Until we as a culture (since women also can batter, and do!) learn that it is not okay to hurt each other, we do need to be ready to protect ourselves when the time comes.

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