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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

wear it well

Ever since I started losing weight earlier this year I had been thinking it would be great to get an adorable dress to wear on my birthday. I wanted to celebrate being comfortable in my own skin and also the work I have been doing to get healthier (with help from Penny!). I hadn't really shopped for anything but did see a cute yellow dress at H & M. I tried it about a month ago but it was all wrong. It had way too much gathering/pleating at the waist, super unflattering the waist I had just recovered and the hips I am still glad to have.

With less than a week to go, I have no amazing new dress. What I do have is a super cute summer dress from four birthdays ago, that I only wore once. It seems more appropriate to give the dress and the "bod" a simultaneous comeback party. I am not sure about the shoes though. The ones I wore a few years ago seem a bit too kicky now. They just might have to do since I don't have time to look for another pair and hopefully most eyes are directed upward anyway. Maybe next year I will spring for a new dress.

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