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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

taking a leek

my first one, definitely will not be the last. i had some leftover vegetables from the chili, quinoa hibernating in the cupboard, and a christmas copy of vegan vittles waiting to be used. this is quinoa primavera, my first time with leeks, quinoa and the most awesome paring knife ever (another gift).

the dish was delish, can't wait to try more new recipes and eat a greater variety of healthy foods. i got fresh from the vegetarian slow cooker yesterday, so excited. i can cook and not cook, like those mercury insurance commercials.

after a messy day of work, my twelfth day of christmas is ending on a merry note. though i desperately wanted a break from family after so much time at home, i appreciate them so much more after reuniting with my work "family". my mom has been great, per usual; my niece more delightful than ever; my sister and i are getting along great and of course dad is dad, reliable and sarcastic as ever. i helped my mom and niece with their homework, good refresh and fun. my niece has a spelling test on friday, she is going to kick it's ass just like her math worksheets.

i'm going to be work-free on fridays for a month or two, not sure what to do with the time that doesn't involve spending money. i am going to check with the volunteer coordinator at the library, was going to anyway but its a bigger push now. the number one and two things i want to work on with the extra time are wheel related, car and bike. i want to learn the bike first but i know if i do that then i will keep putting off the car, so that has to be first. actually second and third since first i have to read this year i will.

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