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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

double stamp

i am not a gentle person, i tend to beat things up. my wonderfully janky nokia phone shows a million times more wear than anyone else's in my family and we only purchased them a few months apart. i'm not intentionally careless but i am quite clumsy. when i got my ipod i was sure i would do something stupid to wreck it and i did.

it was not the ipod itself but the headphones. the cord got stuck in a door and i didn't realize it until it i felt something tugging me back. i taped it up and kept going until i remembered i had another pair with a shorter cord i wasn't using. they were even retractable so i shouldn't repeat the same mistake twice, and i didn't, until monday. i just finished helping sort mail and i was going to leave for lunch. proud of my good deed and anxious for some fresh air, i started for my desk. i think i got two steps before i felt the familiar tug accompanied by a thud and some pieces flying. luckily i had the old taped up set in my desk drawer so i didn't have to go commando for the rest of the day. as much as i wanted to rush out and get new headphones, i knew i could use the b-list ones for a while, but not too long since they barely survived the first accident.

tonight after dinner we went to sanrio to get a gift for my niece's friend. i told myself i wouldn't buy anything since i have to budget better now, but i could not say no to a new set of headphones. they were cheaper than the ones i was going to replace and so super cute. i totally lucked out since it was double stamp day. it's a newer store and they had so many adorable things i had to pretend i didn't see. i want to go back at the end of the month when i should have more room in the budget.

i remember saying i would quit hello kitty when i turned 25 but i couldn't. i've definitely scaled back, i'm not so far gone as the days i joked about having my ashes scattered over puroland. i'm not sure when i will think i am too old for hello kitty, if i ever am. i need a cute pill box for when i am an old lady, right?

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