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Monday, November 17, 2008


thanks myspace for reminding me that i need to lose some weight, because i don't think of it nearly enough. i have been eating way healthier and walking a lot more so i am feeling a lot better about how i am taking care of myself. i have this silly strategy that if i lose a bit of weight before the holidays, whatever holiday pounds i put on will sort of cancel that out and i break even. my goal is to take it one day at a time and just keep trying harder to be healthy. i don't have any real numbers or dates in mind because that will just freak me out and push me toward failing. i want to try a new food every week or so to get used to eating a wider variety of foods and to put the veg back in vegan. i think i am going to get "pudge free holidays" from the happy herbivore. i haven't tried any of her recipes yet but they all look so good.

anyway i think that is a disgusting ad because what if it hits someone who really does not need to lose weight but starts to think s/he should because it is constantly being thrown in his/her face. i'm not saying myspace alone causes eating disorders but there are already a lot of negative media images that contribute to them so it's not helping.


jessica said...

i know what you mean! those things are all over the place, and can easily creep into the subconscious. that cookbook looks all kinds of yum.

k said...

pudge free in '09, just kidding but i did get the e-book. the price was right on.