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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

high on life, low on cash-erole

edited to add "improved" picture, today i had leftover casserole and a tofurkey sammich, yum!

for tonight's dinner i made a recipe from one of the liberal vegan's vegan mofo posts, broccoli lentil casserole. last week's check was short six hours from when i was sick the week before. i also didn't do a proper grocery run this weekend so there was no menu plan or fresh produce. i definitely had to call on the pantry resources. luckily i had the presence of mind to at least get some onions and a few other staple goods on a quick trip sunday night. if you haven't already made this, you have to, now. it's super delicious and doesn't take too much work to get a healthy meal on the table. i did have to bake the casserole a bit longer but there's a good chance my oven doesn't run as hot as hers. extra cooking time aside, i think there was a little less than half a pan left after we had our fill. this will definitely get some repeats.

i also had a great score at marshall's yesterday. i got an 8" skillet, 10" skillet, an 8" spring form, a 5" serrated knife and a rasp for about $40.00. i didn't buy groceries this week so i guess it's like i spent the food money on things i need to make the food? i wish i only spent 40 on groceries, maybe i will if i keep working the pantry. after tonight i really need to get an oven thermometer already.

on my lunch break i picked up the complete vegan kitchen from the library . i hustled to and from in under a half hour, give me a few weeks and i can probably cut that down a bit since it's really only about a mile each way. i've fallen out of shape and also don't want to get too worked up when i'm still in my work clothes. but between lunchtime library runs and working/training with ms. penny i might just look pretty damn good in some sweaters when it is chilly enough to wear them.


Anonymous said...

That casserole is yummy huh? And you're right, my oven runs hot. I'm glad you tried it and nice score from Marshall's!

k said...

It's so good, thanks for sharing!