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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

what's happening? (Rerun!) - vegan mofo day 22

i'm finally starting to feel a bit better, thanks for the well wishes. i've been experimenting with the neti pot the past few days, haven't quite mastered it, but maybe tomorrow. i've been super congested and tired so haven't had much thought of cooking and also didn't want to sneeze all over whatever i might have made.

i took it easy and made the black and white bean soup again. i wanted to make all new things since it would be more challenging and also more fun, but i think i get a pass since i'm still sick. hopefully this weekend i can get in a good grocery run and some rest and come back stronger next week. i totally thought i would blog everyday, then i was proud to have only missed once but now i think it's three or four days and i'll be glad to finish with the requisite twenty posts.

after the aids walk on sunday we had lunch at california vegan (benjie pancake!) and made a quick whole foods run before it was time to head home. i don't know why we don't have a whole foods, i need to write a letter. anyhow, i got san marzano tomato paste in the tube, so excited! i never knew you could get it in tubes until recently, might have something to do with how high it is on the shelf. i also got some sweet potato puree which might go into a pie or the spice cake beverly lynn bennett has in the latest veg news. i tried to make sweet potato and pumpkin pies about five years ago with little success, but i think it is time to give it another go. i also want to make the double layer pumpkin cheese cake from the all vegan edition of desserts magazine. i only have a few more weeks to practice before thanksgiving, but pie is great anytime.


Kelly said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.

yarnwhore said...

That's a soup recipe that has about 4 steps (yay crockpots!) and 5 ingredients that looks awesome. Unfortunately I don't even have time to make this right now. Maybe when Karen comes to town.

Hope you're still on the mend!

k said...

thanks ladies! i am doing much better and i must try that soup you posted :)