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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

yes, have some

work has been a beast the past few weeks, more to do and less time to do it. though i will say this is the first time they've offered to subtract a task instead of just adding away. it doesn't free up as much time as i thought i would need for new tasks but being new to the situation, i could be wrong. at any rate, my new partner was able to sub out nearly all her tasks save the two we share. hopefully she can carry more of the load since i'm still quite overloaded.

i felt a bit overwhelmed and frustrated today, but i had to step back and remember that we're nearing year end which is always a slow season and will be even slower given the general suckage of the economy. everything is just taking longer because i am still learning. once i know what i'm doing it will be like everything else. i'll find a flow and go go go.

p.s. three weeks to vacation, woo!

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