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Monday, June 09, 2008

sorry dad

i have not even begun to shop for father's day. i am usually way on top of these things but i have been busy the last two weeks being a dog dork so that could be part of it, no excuse though. time to get crackin'


m said...

i got mine the old standby - home depot gift card. i'm pretty sure i get the same thing for him multiple holidays throughout the year, but he likes it. i threw in an upright chicken bbq stand thingie this father's day.

yarnwhore said...

I'm getting my dad the new David Sedaris book. Which I will then get to read. I like that my dad's kind of a freak.

k said...

my dad is aboot the standby too. i got him the same sneakers i got him last year and will probably no country for old men. i feel bad that he kind of gets jacked, so i try to spend what i would spend on my mom. we're going to dinner on friday too.