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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

we like the boom

i think i realized today how much i depend on music to get through my job. i know it probably distracts other people but it really helps me to tune everyone else out and get my work done. the first half of my day was not so great, but i managed to take care of everything and was ready for a fresh start after lunch. i was totally planning what i was going to listen to when i got back, etc.

i tried to play an old mix cd and it wouldn't read. so i thought, okay it's a janky cd i made almost 6 years ago, no wonder. then i tried another one, and another still, and no dice.

i was really bummed out until i realized i have had my totally awesome badtz maru boombox for almost three years now, and as i lamented to our cfo earlier today, in that time it has worked as hard as i have. look who's still standing.

i tried to listen to the radio but our signal is really weak so after a few station changes i ended up turning it off. i have a discman i can get by on until i figure out what i want to do. i know i could get another boombox but at the same time, i have been wanting an ipod since forever and i found an amazing deal that might just be too good to pass up.

i know it is super lame of me to be so upset about a small appliance, but a gal needs her hits.

p.s. i got some fabulous mail attention when i got home: my tickets to the marked men show next friday and my replacement rocket hoodie. swami-licious!


e.b. said...

you need not justify the need for jams girl!
treat yourself to an ipod, you deserve it and it's VITAL to have jams, getting this little mac of mine has helped soooo much and an ipod for the public transpo is next!
i'm gonna be sending you mailbox love soon too since you made mine EXPLODE with some (i might need a little more time though with semester wind down and all). thank you again for the cds (right to the mac!) and the awesome shirt (wearing it right now!!!
lovelovelovelove you!

k said...

i will most likely get it, just not sure how soon. i could afford it and all but part of me wants to wait and the other part of me has waited long enough. what mac did you get? i want one of those too. glad you loved what i sent. i am so happy the shirt is finally going to get some play, work it!xoxoxo