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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

tuesday, snoozeday

i can't believe it is only tuesday. this week is dragging, mostly due to work. these past two days have been a waiting game and it's a game i still haven't learned all the rules to yet. i waited nearly all day yesterday for some files to be released and then found out they weren't going to be released about an hour before i was due to leave. same thing again today. i can only imagine tomorrow will be more backed up. maybe this is one of those learning curves i have heard about.

i finally got my "one of the million" shirt in the mail today. i was afraid it would never get here but since i have never mailed out a million of anything, i forgot it could take quite a bit of time to do so. i guess i was overflowing with hope when i signed up for it since i asked for a small. even though i am not small, the unisex smalls usually fit decent. i am fixing to get back on track soon, but thank goodness it is pre-shrunk.


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day = made, so perfect. thanks babe!