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Saturday, April 26, 2008

feed a cold?

isn't that what you're supposed to do? i had one and a half breakfast sammiches (scrambled tofu on whole wheat!) and for lunch a ton of brown rice and tofu in black bean sauce. if that weren't enough, my sister started eating cereals, cookie crisp and cocoa puffs mixed together, so i *had* to have some too. it was good. it was all good, it was just maybe too much. we're going to dinner in a bit too, luckily it's a place we split a plate at, but only so we can each get our own piece of cake.

p.s. i'm also expecting my cycle, if that helps explain eating everything in sight.


yarnwhore said...

I haven't had time to eat, so it's drugs for me!

jessica said...

dude, i hear you on the "expecting the cycle" bit. sore boobs and constant hunger.
the cereal mixing sounds really good! i am out of cereal, but i made peanut butter oatmeal. mmm.