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Monday, April 14, 2008

double time

i have to double up on a few things at work in order to go on vacation thursday. it's not as bad as i thought, but i also wasn't as ahead as i had thought. boo. tomorrow is another day, right?

i hauled 8 or 9 books to the library after work, phew! they're not heavy so much as they are awkward, and it would have been easier a few weeks ago when it was cooler out. i really have to learn to not bring home the whole catalog with me since i don't ever finish it anyhow. someone else could be reading/using it.

tomorrow night i get to play test kitchen at my niece's expense. whenever her mom works late i am responsible for her dinner so i usually take that time to try something new out. she isn't too finicky and usually won't pick out the things she doesn't like if she doesn't know they're in there, ex. onions. it will be one of two things from table for two, haven't decided yet. probably the macaroni skillet that secretly has tempeh grated in it, we'll see.

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