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Monday, March 03, 2008

chick it out

i did some easter shopping at lunch today. i didn't plan on it, but i had to do something while my friend waited for someone to come to the photo counter at walgreen's. i found a few really rad things i know my niece will love.

i got her a bunch of wind up toys at halloween and she loved them so i found some great easter counterparts. i also got two play-doh's, one chick and one bunny, and a pull back bunny on wheels that goes forward, does a loop and zooms back at you. i have to get another one of those because it's quite awesome.

i am not really a fan of easter, but i will take any excuse to spoil my niece. i have a cat's cradle book/string set i forgot to give her at valentine's day so add that and a chocolate bunny from sjaak's and i should be done. which is a good thing because as much as i love to shop, trying to decide between chicks or bunnies/pink or purple, is starting to wear on me.

speaking of wear, i need to find my purple bunny ears from last year. haha.


m said...

i used to love easter. easter baskets! my brother and i always got really good ones. there were a few egg hunts back in our day, too.

k said...

we used to have the raddest easters at my uncle's house because he lived on a hill with a huge yard. we did egg toss, sack race, tug-o-war, and of course, egg hunt. the only thing i sort of miss is cadbury eggs, must veganize them.