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Friday, February 15, 2008

in cupcakes we trust

i came home, ate a cupcake, and jumped in bed for a nap. monday and tuesday i went to bed early and was really rested. tuesday and wednesday i was all hyped up on some craziness and went to bed super late. today i was totally wrecked when it finally caught up with me. i guess i have a one late night/week maximum.

we saw waitress last night. it was adorable. i want to make pies now but you have to crawl before you walk.

did i mention how awesome the pre-nap cupcake was? my lord. i never get that excited about anything i make because i'm using a recipe so it's not really "mine". today i was like "damn girl, that was good". so, damn girls (isa and terry)---it was good.


jessica said...

congratulations on your cupcakes! they sound so good... mmm.
it sounds like you had a great valentine's day...i am so glad! i ate pizza and brussel sprouts and watched a movie with topher. i have cupcake envy! thanks for the sweet myspace picture action!

k said...

they were super good. i am going to make a few more tonight to not waste the icing :)
glad you had a great v-day and enjoyed the virtual valentine. my sister is hitting me up to make her another pan cookie too.