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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

your dreams were your ticket out

gabe kaplan can you hear me? my return from austin was a return to the "old" me in a lot of ways. for whatever reason, the really rad chick i am, was hiding under someone else for approximately six to seven years. maybe she broke a mirror or committed a misdemeanor? who knows?

anyhow, i do believe, ladies and gentlemen, i am back.

as wonderful as my trip was-the people, the places, the rocking and the rolling, in a lot of ways it was also a personal journey, awww. it was like i went back in time to catch up with myself so i would remember to have a future that begins now. i think i ran into michael j. fox at the mohawk show.

i was reminded of three things. 1. i am awesome 2. my friends are awesome 3. together we are the awesomest

i am so ready to get back on track about school and cooking and making an effort to be hot(ter) and get back into circulation. i just sort of let all that fall by the wayside for no good reason at all. it's only as tough as you make it, so none of those should be too difficult, school would pose the greatest challenge, but i know i can crush it if i am eating well and feeling great (go confidence!). i haven't put any timelines or "real" pressure on myself yet but i know i most definitely need to get back in gear.

dear me, you are awesome, never forget that again or i will smack you. xo, me

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