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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


i have one of those anachronistic "summer colds" starting up. the m.o. is more like my "stress" sickness though. i start out with a scratchy throat, get a little snotty and it's usually done in a few days. i am hoping to kill it with jameson, lemon tea and hot sauce, not all in one shot mind you. so far so good. i felt amazing around 11 or so this morning, but it also was about the time when i met one of my deadlines i had been freaking out about. when i got home i took a decent nap and woke up feeling all kinds of jacked up again, so while i know i do need rest to knock this, keeping a maniac's pace seems to be what is really working to make me feel better.

i am really excited about my beadforlife party and how well that has been going. i was looking at the site really quickly today and it mentioned trips to uganda to help build houses, sounds amazing. i know there is the trend for yuppie types to go on some sort of volunteer vacation, but it's your time to use however you choose. plus i never really rest much when i am on vacation, or eat much for that matter. i am going on vacation twice in the next two months so maybe i will make a dent in my goal after all.

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