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Monday, October 24, 2005

Hail to the Kerchief

About a week before Halloween, I decided that running a repeat of last year's costume just would not do. So now I am scrambling like a fool to put something together because I am dead against buying a costume outright. I'm going as Rosie the Riveter. I still don't know if that's good or bad and I guess I can't really care anymore. I know some people see her as a bad image that does not truly represent those who worked in defense plants during and after the war. I know some people embrace her as a feminist and lesbian icon. My great grandma was one of those ladies, so I think it's kind of cool to be able to dress up like maybe she would have when she worked for McDonell Douglas.

I am so out of control on this costume and wanting it to be absolutely perfect. I got a new pair of work jeans yesterday--two sizes smaller than the last time I got some. I am hopefully getting a black metal lunch box. I ordered my kerchief. I just need to get a work shirt and some boots. As an extra bonus, I am trying to get a "sweetheart" pin to put it over the top. There might also be some false eyelashes to bat. I was going to get coveralls at first, they even sell a set that comes with the matching kerchief but I balked at paying $70.00 to look like a shapeless blue blob. Most likely I am spending more by putting this together piece by piece but hopefully it will turn out a lot better and some of the items will get continued use since it's mostly streetclothes and I like to play dress up anyway.

I hope I do my grandma proud. Hopefully if I dress like her I can take on some of her strong and flirtatious personality too, just for the night.


e said...

just get into character. you'll be riveting!

Anonymous said...

Sounds cool to me. Does your house have a cordless drill hanging around that you could use? It would also work to drive away people you don't like.


k said...

I had thought about carrying a tool as a prop and potential defense against tools, but I doubt they would let me in to the show with one. I fully intend to go in with my lunchbox though, which should be good enough to knock someone upside the head if necessary. But I didn't just say that.

Anonymous said...

Put some nickel or quarter rolls in the bottom as ballast.