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Monday, August 08, 2005

vacation meant to be spent alone

I had a really awesome time on my mini vacation. It was so nice to be on my own and back to the old stomping grounds. Some things changed but not too much.

Here and there I felt weird, like I didn't belong there anymore or couldn't ever go back, like too much of inland living had set in. But I think it was just my mom asking me too many questions about where I was going and what I was doing and trying to freak me out. I don't know, maybe being home again has made her more protective of me or maybe she thinks that I'm too 909-ed out to remember how to look out for myself in the real world. Booksmarts might fade out but street smarts are forever.

I thought the accomodations I got last time were shifty, this was even worse. The two words I didn't want to see when I looked up the place: exterior corridors. Creepiest stuff ever. The Days had those too but at least you could not get in from the outside without swiping your key. At this place you could. So during the day it was pretty easy to scan and keep an eye out, but I shit you not, I stopped at the pavilions after the show and got a flashlight. The lights were on when I got back, but I wasn't going to rely on them. It's just funny that even a place like that costs some money. I'm definitely never staying there again and I'm definitely booking my room further in advance than I did this time. It was right next to the bust stop though, that's the only real plus I can give it. I really just needed somewhere to crash so I wasn't expecting five stars, but the shady factor and the stinky room killed it.

Anyhow, I checked in and dropped off my stuff and went to check out some thrift stores I used to go to, no dice but it was fun. The lady at the goodwill was hilarious. She is super chatty and has regulars so she was talking to them and trying to help them find clothes and she was really "real" with this hipster chick so I was hiding in the blouses trying not to crack up. She had that fitting room in check though and she knew every song on the radio and was singing and going off. She was good times. If I still lived out there I would totally want to be shopping pals with her. Also, that "clean up woman" song is hilarious.

Since that was a bust I was still wanting to shop so I went to the mall but got sidetracked by another goodwill that was not there 4 years ago. That was a bust too. I wanted to get a different top since I only brought really plain clothes but I also didn't feel as much for trying to be really hot so I got over it and just decided to get new chucks since mine were falling apart. There were these really cute pumas I almost got but the sales girl didn't even greet me and then was totally waiting on this guy who walked in after me so I pulled out. I'm not giving that jerk a sale. So I ended up buying them somewhere else. You know it's bad when the staff at hot topic are more attentive than you, sayin.

In a lame way my life is completed in that I have now eaten at all three rfd locations, ooh la la. Salisbury Seitan and coconut cream pie...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I think the one on la cienega is my favorite though. I almost went to california vegan today too but my astigmatism got the better of me and I made myself leave for downtown twenty minutes sooner than I needed to, so I didn't think I had time to eat. I didn't even really eat a lot, which is weird because that's part of the fun of vacation. Other than stuffing my face at rfd, I didn't eat at all, except for the snack bars I brought with me. I didn't even drink too much water. I caught up when I got home though.

After the food fest I rushed back to my room to try and get ready. The guy I was giving my extra ticket to called me. I guess he sent a text but I didn't get it. I was checking my phone all day. It's so funny, I barely got a phone Saturday night but the way I was all over it I probably looked like one of those jerks who is glued to their phone. I don't even need one and didn't really want one. No one really calls me or anything but sometimes I need to call people and I don't always have change and payphones aren't as much of a presence as they used to be. Not like I have this really private life but I'm probably not going to give the number to too many people, not like there are tons of people who want it, but I'd rather just keep it like I don't have one. It's my emergency back up or something. I just got this t mobile prepaid thing for 40 bucks at target.

For being sold out, it wasn't nearly as packed at last time, so I don't know, maybe people couldn't do a Sunday or maybe they just blew it. I can't even really say how rad it was. It sounds really stupid but you had to be there and if you weren't, you really missed out. Whenever I see them live I can't really listen to the cd's or anything for a while because it's just not the same, how can you go back? And since last night was so empty and I was able to be so close, now I can see it all in my head and remember certain parts of different songs and what happened during them. The peel sessions cd sort of helps. It's like I can still feel it, there I go sounding stupid again. I wish they weren't ending it but I'd rather that than never having it at all. I'm hoping it just means maybe they got bored and want to do some other amazing thing I'll never be able to get enough of, that seems to be the reis/froberg m.o. There had better be some rocket finale shows, but not yet, not anytime too soon.

As much as I didn't want to, I got a cab back. I forgot the buses might not be running as late and I was pretty tired and didn't feel like waiting around to see. The security guys flagged one down for me. I think one of them remembers me from last time. I feel bad, he sort of hit on me and I still am not good at dealing with that, I don't know if I ever will be. I'm always like, "thanks...bye now", and that's people I'm not attracted to or interested in, so who know what will happen when someone I want to want me wants me?! Spontaneous combustion?

I went back to campus and I was going to say hi but since my boss wasn't going to be there I didn't really want to. Plus I looked like crap and if I'm going to see people I haven't seen in a while I prefer to look good and be untired and really chatty and fun and I was a little too rundown and on too much of a timetable today. I checked email and stuff and then went to the bookstore and then waited for the bus not to come and I got really pissy and freaked out that I was going to miss my french film noir fix. But I hauled ass and caught a bus down the street ten minutes before I needed to be twenty minutes out, so I cursed everyone who called for a stop at every stop, but I did make it and they were still on previews when I got there, phew! I really enjoyed it and I am going to see if I can find the soundtrack post haste.

After that I went to the post office to mail Ms.W's t-shirt-woo! I was going to do that on campus but I got there and they didn't sell packing materials so I had to go back downstairs to the student store to get those. When I got back up there was a huge line, lunch rush I'm guessing, so I just left and knew I could do it at the p.o. by the theatre. I also was going to buy that stuff earlier at sav-on but again, huge line. So I went to the mailing place in that shopping center and almost did it there but then I saw the neon "passport photos" sign so I knew I had to do that instead. I probably shouldn't have, I'm hoping there is some rule that everyone's passport picture is bad. It's not as bad as the last one. Now I am hoping that the picture I took for my ID is better than that at least, more like praying. Usually they give me a little print out but today they didn't. I tried to run to the ladies and check myself out but this middle aged woman was hogging the mirror applying full make up. I only wanted to check my hair, damn lady. Back to the point, I guess I might have looked cuckoo, I barreled into the post office (I had a bus to catch man!) and saw the line. Then I saw the diy postage machine-score! So I run through that door too and I can hear the lady screaming "hello!" at me, hi yourself, I'm sending some stuff out, that's what this place is for, duh. Apparently they think we are too dumb to use it and the staffer is hovering over this british dude who is trying to send out some massive statue. After he's done I get on and do my business and I'm almost done and she comes over and asks me if I need help. Um...unless you want to give me $3.85, I'm good thanks.

I ran out of there and got to the stop a little early and downed an iced chai and waited. The #10 is pretty rad. The only thing I don't like about express buses to downtown is that there aren't a lot of stops in total but the downtown stops are all so close it seems like you could cut some of them out. Every time I think I'm almost to union we turn another corner and make another stupid stop. But it was cheaper and less of a hassle over all so I might use it again.

I think I made the most of my mini vacation and I'm going to start planning a real one soon. I've been in luggage lust for too long and I am renewing my passport as we speak. It's said that funding gets in the way of the fun so much of the time.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome time! and was the show kind of empty? That's just one of the silliest things that I've ever heard of. Yay! for packages.

Ms. W

k said...

Yeah it wasn't packed at all and only one person ever tried to shove in front of me. It was weird, but more for me! I wanted to make more of a package but I knew if I did that it would severely delay the process.