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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Thin Red Line

I can't decide if this is more girly or ghetto, I'm guessing the latter. Anyhow this morning I wanted to wear sandals but I knew I had to touch up the toes, so I threw my nail polish in my purse and took off. I had to change out of my sneakers anyway so I hid the bottle in my bazooms and went about my business. I have been watching too much Arrested Development and I knocked the bottle over like Lindsay, but instead of my dad's dashboard, it was the company's toilet that got splattered.

Of course, this leads to a complete freak out as I have no remover and I know everyone is going to know that someone was being ghetto and doing her toes in the bathroom stall, then they will all know it was me since I'm probably the only person who doesn't get them done in a salon and I'm notorious for my red. I tried wiping it with wet tissue and then scratching at it but to no avail. I got lucky and there was some Ajax under the sink, so that was the end of it, until I went to the bathroom before my one o'clock meeting, adjusted the bazooms and realized I still had the bottle there since seven-something in the morning. Extra pockets come in handy though.

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