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Sunday, December 19, 2004

You Can Save 15%

I'm no math major but 15 percent, isn't a whole lot to be saving. I could save 100% by not buying the damn thing. Taking twenty nine dollars off the total but adding more drama to my life by starting up credit again, it's not even a question. No thank you.

Last November I paid off all my cards. This November I paid off a personal debt. Other than school loans, I'm in the clear, such a good feeling even if I have to wrestle with Sallie Mae for the next 20 years or so. I've gotten much better at managing my money so as long as it keeps coming in, I should be able to pay those off in a reasonable way too.

I had lunch with a girl from work the other day and I was so frustrated with her since she was being so careless with her money. She got paid and still had over a hundred dollars of overdraft. I think the reason I was so upset was that she reminded me a lot of the stupid things I did when I was that age and I didn't want her to keep going on like that because it is such a bad pattern and way to live. So I told her I would help her try and make a plan, which is still really funny for me to think I could ever be anyone's financial advisor. The main difference between her shenanigans and mine, is that she has a kid, and I don't. You can make all the stupid mistakes you want when you don't have someone else depending on you, but when you do, I don't know, it seems like it is time to grow the fuck up and stop being stupid. I think she is one of those people who is going to learn everything the hard way, and still possibly not learn some of it. I know even if I offer to help her and even if I write everything out and make pie charts and bar graphs and give her an allowance, she still won't change any of it unless it is something she really wants to do. But when someone is asking "why don't I have any money?" and that person goes out to lunch everyday, never writes down anything she charges to her debit and has just got her nails done, I don't know, I would pull my hair out if there was any left.

Anyhow, since I didn't feel like walking around with a ton of cash yesterday I used my debit at bloomingdales and macy's (so lame it says "bloomys" on my bank charges- my mom would think it was cool though) and of course both times they asked if I wanted to apply for a card and I had to say no. I know I still have a tendency to go nuts when I am shopping and it is okay to do that sometimes since it is with real money and those were my intentions yesterday. But I did have to stop and do some math and make sure I didn't go too nuts and end up like Ms. Overdraft, which I didn't. I figured out what was left and took out a reasonable amount of cash and no more debitting until next pay period. I have $45.12 in my checking, but I am gettting paid Wednesday and I have cash for groceries in the meantime.

I'm all growed up, except for that whole living at home and having a driver thing.

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minxnim said...

i wish i were good with money like you have been. i'm still pretty dumb about it.