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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Not unlike Cher Horowitz

Jacqueline Susann is about all the reading I can handle right now. I blame my old roommate for my inability to resist reading her. Every time I go out I find one of her books and I have to get it. I recently got my hands on Once Is Not Enough during a Salvation Army sweep. It's still summer so I'm using that as my excuse to read such things. When fall comes up I'll read something more substantial but for now it is perfect.

What I am not getting is why in both fiction and in real life, some girls don't tell the guy they are having sex with that is is their first time. It just doesn't make sense to me. I know it wouldn't all of a sudden make it the best experience ever but I think if said guy knew to go a little easier or wait a little longer or take more care um... prepping the area, it wouldn't be the worst either. I could see that it might be an embarassing thing for some people to admit, and I know it turns some people off, and I know that a person's sexual history, existant or no, is her own beeswax. I just think maybe it would help a smidge if he knew what he was getting into so to speak. From what I've read and what I've heard, it almost always ends up with the guy asking "why didn't you tell me?" and apologizing profusely and promising the next time will be better. I give this book,"La Bamba", and a former compatriot of mine as examples. Communication is really important in relationships and even more so in sexual ones, so it's really important to open your mouth before you open your legs, at least I think so.

Of course that's all speculumative.

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