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Friday, August 13, 2004

Just Like Before

I'm listening to "yesterday once more", well, a cover of it anyhow and it is just the most resonating truth of the week.

On Sunday I had to get a lot of my boxes out of the garage and since they can't be out of there I had to bring them into my room. It was mostly cd's and tapes and my mini comics "collection".

I went through a lot of tapes I made trying to find out what was on which and searching for others I had hoped were not casualties of cheap walkmanship. I didn't find the ones I wanted and they'll have to be re-taped, but what I did uncover wasn't too bad. I found a tape I had started making for someone. I guess I stopped because I thought it sucked, but it's actually decent. Then there was another one which I had just written "records" on w/ a green sharpie. That had so much fun stuff on it. I listened to it yesterday and I was bouncing around in my chair and giggling and rocking out and having an awesome time. It all came back. I guess I'm offficially old enough to get things like that now. But I'm hoping that if I keep listening to the things I loved when I was young, which I still do love, it'll help me keep some of the youth alive. Melt the years away like the song says.

What's funny is that other things I was into at the time are also coming back to me. I'm ready to go sneaker crazy again and have too much of a good thing. I am back on pink again. All I want to do is dance dance dance and have fun and cook up a storm.

I know the past should be the past, and its best to just keep going forward, but the past is still part of you and you can't duck it as much as you would love to sometimes. I think it's okay to bring the good stuff out now and then as long as you don't let it keep you from other good things you could be doing/seeing/being/etc. in the present.

Sometimes I need a recharge or a reminder or a jump. Organs and handclaps and la's seem to do the trick.

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