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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Vegan Mofo VI- Day 9: Frittering My Time Away

I love apples and am thrilled that Honeycrisps are back in season. They have been hard to find in our area so I was super excited when I had my first one last week. We did a storytime about apples at work and my co-worker brought in a variety of apples to show the children. When we were getting ready to go home she wanted to divide the apples up amongst us. I told her I'd take whatever she wanted to give me but she knew which ones I wanted most so she gave me 3 of the Honeycrisps. Yay!

I think they taste perfect on their own but sometimes I will dip them in peanut butter. Since I had extras I thought I would try using them in a recipe. I didn't have enough for a pie and didn't have time to make donuts, so I decided on fritters. I printed the recipe and planned to make them on Friday or Saturday but I didn't get around to making them until today.

They turned out great! My sister stopped by on lunch break to try them and loved them too. I think next time I will use a cookie scoop to drop them into the pan so they come out more uniform, but as long as they are evenly cooked through I don't think anyone will complain. I was tempted to make another batch before putting everything away, but I realized that wouldn't be a good idea. I'd rather make them again when there are a few more mouths around to enjoy them. I definitely plan to make them again, but will probably just dust them with powdered sugar rather than trying to glaze them.

I'm glad these were a success because they were the last recipe to be mixed in my favorite bowl. It was on the very top of the dish rack and I somehow managed to knock it off. I didn't even think to try and catch it because it's hard plastic. I thought it would just fall and then I'd pick it up and re-wash it. I quickly learned I was wrong when I felt a chunk of plastic hit my leg. It cracked in half and a few small pieces went flying. It's silly but I am sad to not have my favorite bowl anymore. It was a good size and we made tons of delicious treats together. I hope I find another bowl I like almost as much. I need to start looking because I have tons of baking on my to-do list.


Amey said...

WOW. I cannot believe you actually made apple fritters. They have always been my most favorite in the donut shop. Once, my friend brought me home a giant vegan apple fritter from Portland and I was so happy, I freaked out and scarfed it all down. Ahhhh. Such a happy moment. I love apples and peanut butter too. Such a magical combo. What about a peanut butter apple fritter?????

k said...

They were a lot easier to make than I thought, which is bad because it means I'll make them again. I will have to try adding peanut butter or maybe a peanut butter glaze on top?!

Rachel Randolph said...

I'm so delayed on this, but thanks for your comment on my blog about the apple fritters. I'm so glad you liked them!