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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Che sarà sarà

Today while shopping for housewares I got a tiny glimpse into what my future could very well hold. I picked up an 8 qt. stockpot and tried to compare it to the one I currently use. I think that one might be 10 qt. so I put the smaller one back. I started to check on the frying pans, which I have been meaning to replace but will not do until my brother moves out since he destroys anything he uses. Another lady was looking at them and asked me if I had any luck with the ones from this store and we got to talking.

I told her why I wasn't going to buy any today and she agreed I should wait. She had the opposite problem and only needed a small fry pan since she lives alone. She couldn't tell if the one she wanted was 10" so I grabbed one that was and compared them. They matched. We kept on browsing and at one point she looked at my shirt and asked if I had a cat and I told her I did not, but that I did have a dog. She then told me she also had a dog. Here is where it got extremely nerdy.

She pulled her wallet out and showed me a portrait she had taken with her dog. I politely waited for her to finish her story about Darla, her chihuahua. Then I pulled out my wallet and showed her the photo taken on the third anniversary of Penny's adoption. I felt only slightly less silly that mine was shot at home and not by pros, but carrying around pictures of you and your dog is not something most people "get" unless they have some in their wallet too.

It was funny to run into this short, 50-something woman with thinning curly hair and no children who lives alone except for her dog. She was really nice. After our chat we shook hands, exchanged names and wished each other well. I could possibly be in the same situation 20 years from now- no man, no kids, one dog. I think I am okay with that, but I definitely want to do something about the hair between now and then. Single with one dog is much better than the crazy cat lady!

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