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Monday, July 18, 2011

Summertime in the LBC

Since summer is nearly half over my sister is really pushing her "Summer Of Culture" campaign. Saturday we had two stops- The Watts Towers and the Long Beach Museum of Art. I knew she was really looking forward to the towers but I also knew we had better check something else out if we planned to make a day of it. The museums were each seven dollars and I will say that I enjoyed the Towers much more than the LBMA. Maybe because it was the first stop and our tour guide was fabulous, maybe I was tired and wanting to go home after the huge lunch I had between museum stops? I do think I owe them another chance, but I think I saw much more for my three dollars in Riverside. As a consolation, there was a lovely wedding due to take place at the adjoining restaurant.

Want to hear more about the heavy lunch? We went to Zephyr Café in Long Beach. It was our first time and we got there just before it started to fill up. You're supposed to order at the counter but since we didn't know what we wanted, we grabbed a table and looked at the menu. I knew I wanted the M.F. Burger, but I waited for my sister and niece to decide on their orders and let them go first at the counter. In between that this group of lady cyclists came in so my food was about four orders behind the rest of my table. That's why being nice never pays, just kidding.

The soup of the day was a 13 bean affair. I had a few bites and it was really good. Then we shared garlic cheese bread that was not so great, but since my food still wasn't there and the girls' was, I ate it. Finally my burger arrived and I was ready to go for it. The thing was huge and I didn't think I would finish it, but of course I did. It was a bit messy so I had to keep moving the plate closer so I wouldn't spill.Mushrooms and onions and their juices kept coming out. Later on at the museum I kept smelling food and realized I was still wearing a bit of my lunch, great! We ordered our dessert after we ate, which ended up to be the right thing to do. I was so stuffed from my burger I couldn't have ate my own piece of pie even if I wanted to. I shared with my sister and my niece had her own, minus a bite or two. I don't normally eat ice cream with cherry pie, but I just might from now on.

p.s. All pics are by my sister since I forgot to charge my battery before we left. She takes better pics anyway!

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