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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Inspiration and Attempts at Imitation- aka Jess Scone is Awesome!

I haven't cooked dinner in a while so since my sister made dinner twice last week, she informed me I had to make dinner on Tuesday. I couldn't think of what to make so I fell back on something easy- mac and cheese, greens and fried tofu. I've made similar plates before but this time I knew I needed to phase out the oven due to the warmer weather we've been having.

For the greens I used the "Southern Style Greens" recipe from Vegan Bites. I'd made them before and they weren't too complicated so I did it again. I added some liquid smoke to give them a bit more flavor.

The mac and cheese is "Ultimate Macaroni and Cheese" from The Vegetarian Family Cookbook. I hadn't made this one in a while since it calls for about 2 cups of cheese, but that was pre-Daiya. I gave it another shot a few weeks ago and the gooey texture reminded me of the new Amy's mac and cheeze that is vegan- except I could get more servings for my money even after buying a package of Daiya. I did have to doctor it up a bit and add some more seasonings since the only seasoning in the recipe is salt. I'm sure it depends on the cheese sub you use, but I needed more. For inspiration, I looked to my favorite mac and cheese -Get Sconed's adaptation of the New Farm recipe. I added garlic, paprika, onion powder, shoyu and a bit of nooch. That did the trick.

Staying on trend, I also tried to copy Ms. Sconed's Cornmeal Crusted Tofu. I didn't have everything she used for her marinade, so I did the best I could. I used the breading from a link she posted on the PPK. Whenever I fry tofu it's a disaster. I am the messiest drudger/batterer there is. My tofu pieces emerge from the pan half naked and there are little chunks of fried breading floating in the pan. Not this time! The marinating really helped me out. I am going to use that strategy from now on. She is my hero!


GiGi said...

Yum. And can't go wrong with a bit of nooch!

k said...

So true! Thanks for your comment :)