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Thursday, June 03, 2010

dinner thyme

I don't know how not to say this in a way that doesn't sound nerdy, but tempeh and I are friends now. The first few times I tried to cook with it were complete misses. I would keep buying more so I could try again but I would get discouraged and conveniently forget about the bricks of protein in the refrigerator (until it was time to toss them out). I always feel horrible when I waste food and money so I stopped buying it since I knew I was not going to cook it.

Then Vegan Brunch along and saved the day. The "Basic Scrambled Tempeh" looked so wonderful in the photo I had to give it another chance. The ingredients were so simple, it would be tough even for me to mess it up. The first time I made it I admit I wasn't sold on the "earthiness" of the tempeh. It was good but I thought it needed something. I made it again and it turned out, all it "needed" was a bit more salt. I also added another bell pepper. Now I eat scrambled tempeh at least once a week, usually on Thursdays for some reason. I made a few ingredient swaps: sweet onion instead of red, spinach instead of chard and yellow instead of red. I think I'll be out of thyme in a few more weeks. I've never blown through it so fast.

Now that tempeh and I are friends there is only one problem, my sister wants to be friends with her too.

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