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Sunday, April 04, 2010

(c)hoppity (c)hop (c)hop!

Sometimes not cooking takes longer than cooking. At least for me it does.

For tomorrow's picnic/potluck I decided to make Texas Caviar. A co-worker brought in a black eyed pea salad early this year and we all loved it. None of us had ever tried the peas, and at first most of us thought they were beans. We immediately begged for the recipe but he took forever to get it for us, even though we could break it down just by looking at it. Since I have to know the answer as soon as the question pops up, I started searching for recipes. I found the Texas Caviar one and knew it would be an even better salad/dip than the one we had just tried. It would also be better than bringing the same tired (but delicious) bean salad I brought last year.

Salads always seem like the easy way out until you start chopping. I have never used my processor to chop but I should probably start. It seemed to take me forever, but mostly because I wanted everything uniform. By the time I got to the tomatoes I had to let that go. I followed this recipe, the only change I made was to add a red pepper since there was one in the first salad. I debated using both jalapeños, but ended up followed directions. There are so many strong flavors in there (looking at you red onion and cilantro) that it should all balance out. In fact, I am pretty sure someone will say, "there's jalapeños in here? Where?"

It worth all of the muss and fuss. I took a small taste and I think everyone will love it. I am hoping the same goes for the strawberry glace pie I made. I followed Kittee's recipe, except for cheating with one of the two graham crusts I had hiding in the cupboard. I don't think the other one will last very long since I have enough of the ingredients to make another pie as soon as the first one is half gone. I cannot wait to taste it. I had a fingertip of jam when I was cleaning up and it was delicious. I know it will be even better when I make the crust from scratch and become a better strawberry stacker.

I can't believe I am not through yet. I still have to put together my niece's Easter basket. I almost didn't make one since I am on a budget, but I found a few little things on the cheap. Six stuffed eggs for under two dollars! I have plastic carrot "eggs" I have saved since her first easter. I'm going to put a dollar for each year of her age and she will probably spend it on something silly, as she should.

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