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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

15 Minute Meal-take that Ray Ray!

The breakroom at my sister's job has tons of "family" magazines and for the past few months she has been bringing home tear sheets of things we should try. I am working on a binder of printed/copied/torn out recipes but they don't always make it to the binder right away, sometimes they are shoved in cookbooks or who knows where else. She has been wanting me to make this gross-good recipe for a long time but I misplaced the recipe until a few weeks ago. It was hiding in the front of Veganomicon with some other homeless recipes.

It is a Campbell's "make in minutes" recipe which is listed as 20 minutes, but you can probably do it in 10 if you use veg crumbles instead of ground beef, which you should :). I took longer since I just started throwing things in the skillet and thought I could cut through all six tortillas with the pizza cutter, maybe next time. It's 1 lb. "beef", 1 can tomato soup (+water if you use condensed), 1/2 cup salsa, 6 flour tortillas (6") cut into 1" pieces and 1/2 cup shredded cheese.I used Yves Meatless Ground, Pace Picante "Medium", and a store-brand tomato soup instead of the Campbell's condensed. I was surprised to find a milk-free version at the mainstream market since nearly all of the ones at health food store contained milk. There was one from Imagine that did not but I only needed a single can and not a quart. I was not going to add any soy cheese but at the last minute I tore up two tofutti singles and tossed them into the pan. I seasoned it up a bit and of course, added some nooch.

It was a lot tastier than I thought it would be and was just enough for we three to have for dinner. I think I will double it next time so we have leftovers for lunch, or in case we have another setting at the table. There is also an option to add sour cream so I might do that next time as it was unexpectedly spicy. My niece's usual "get of out eating" card is that something is spicy, but she kept on saying how un-spicy it was so my sister and kept our mouths shut. She is rarely the first one to back a new recipe so it always makes me happy when she likes something I make, even more so if it is a quickie. I love to take forever in the kitchen but during the week when we're all working, it's not as likely to happen. I need to get more one-pot recipes in rotation, will have to make Isa's Tempeh helper soon.

p.s. I ate last night's soup for breakfast this morning and it got a "hell yeah" on the first bite. I am in love with the celery pesto, who knew?!

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Anonymous said...

i made this today and it was awesome. totally up my alley.. as anything with tortillas is.

i used a small can of tomato sauce since i didn't have the soup, ground turkey, then added onions, some corn, and half a can of black beans. then i topped it all with green onions because i love them. it was so good. thanks for the recipe!