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Sunday, July 26, 2009

how we roll

Yesterday we took my dad rollerskating for the first time in about 20 years and my niece for the firt time ever. My aunt also came along for the fun. I couldn't believe we got them all up and on skates and they didn't fall as much as I thought they might have. I surprised myself and did not fall even once, though I had a few near misses.

It took a while to get into whatever perceived groove I had, but after a while I was able to make about 6-7 consecutive laps at a time, which is probably a new record for me. I would normally do one lap, exit and wait about twenty minutes before trying again. I should have worn full length socks with my full length skates but I thought I would be okay. We covetted this jaina's jam skates the whole session. I am going to see if I can find a deal on some of those. One thing I did not expect was to get so darn sweaty. The way I "roll", whether on bikes, skates, or the few times behind the wheel is that I feel I have to keep going and freak out about what will happen if I stop (car excepted). So I think I just keep pushing myself along when really I could coast a bit more and not use so much energy to get around the rink. I know part of it is also that I've still got quite a bit of extra personage to haul around, though thankfully not as much as I had a year ago. I know I shouldn't make too much of the numbers but I will be really excited when I officially lose 20 lbs. I am glad to have kept the 15 off and I keep getting close, but I'm not there yet.

My niece did so much better than I thought she would and kept going out there and giving it her best. I was afraid there would be screaming and crying but she kept it to a mild whine and some pretty good freaked out faces. I wish I was a better skater and could have taken her out a few times, but I think we'd take each other out before hitting the first turn. Good news is they still have the discount night during the summer so we might go to that a few times before the season is up. I know my thighs will be so thankful, and maybe if it is disco enough I can get away with a sweatband.

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