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Sunday, January 04, 2009

wrap up

i made garden patch chili from vegan bites last night and some corn muffins too. it was supposed to be my "play-offs chili" but so far i haven't watched more than a few plays of one of the games. i have some errands to run and some chores to do but it will all pay off when i finally get to watch milk tonight.

i so do not have my stuff together to start back to work tomorrow. my wake/sleep schedule is totally bonkers. i am going to need a rocking playlist and lots of tea to get any amount of work done tomorrow. i need to get a lot done since i was still catching up when i left for the break. it will be good to be back and even better when i'm not behind.

on the whole the holidays went well. my aunt gave us way too many tamales so we had to share them lest we become tamales ourselves. i won the money prize in the white elephant game for the first time, 100 bucks. xmas day we stayed home and played some games, dad watched the bourne trilogy in a sitting and i finally baked some cookies. day after xmas dragged ourselves to abuelita's house, love her but it is too damn far sometimes, every time actually. we had jack and the longest game of uno ever, so that took some of the edge off, but i am still pissed about the beans. new year's eve stayed home and had cava, watched twilight zone well into the next day. my niece is scared of talking tina just like i was, classic.

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