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Saturday, January 10, 2009

fight on

today we went to a national DOMA protest/rally in pasadena. it started out great, the organizer gave us supplies to make signs and we signed some petitions.

after 45 minutes in the car, i had to use the bathroom superbad and luckily they had one open for us. i feared city hall would be on lockdown for the weekend but it wasn't, at least not at first. making signs and snacking, left my niece with a messy face so i went to go get some towels. the door was closed, it was also locked, wtf? it was open a few minutes ago. i saw a guard down the hall and asked if there were any open bathrooms and he asked if i had a permit. i told him i wasn't the organizer but that we did have one. i brought him over to our area and everything got sorted and re-opened. he said the other guard had told him to lock everything down after the gospel choir across the way (who were amazing) had finished up, as if there was only one event today.

i guess that's a small taste of what it feels like to be treated differently. i'm glad we showed up to stand up for our lgbt brothers and sisters, and will keep doing so for as long as it takes.

after the rally we went to lunch at bean sprouts in arcadia since we orean-ed ourselves out a few weeks ago. i'm not sure we'll make a special trek to go there, but if we are in the area we might give it another go. the spring rolls and fried tofu were my favorite dishes. then we went to whole foods to stock up on a few things our local markets don't have. when will we the 909 get love whole foods, when?

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