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Friday, January 16, 2009

bet yr bottom dollar

tonight we're going to see the stage production of "annie" at the kodak, so excited. i think what makes it more special to me is that the movie came out when i was five and we're taking my niece to see the show when she is five. i remember my mom taking me to see it at the la mirada mall and we had bon bon's and i thought i was the shit. i even had a little red annie type dress that i wore non-stop that year. the following christmas i got some really cool annie barrettes and a necklace too. i'm not sure my niece will go as nuts as i did, but i hope she enjoys the show all the same. i got the soundtrack from itunes so i'm sure it will be blaring on the way up and on the way back, at least until she knocks out.

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