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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I don't think you're ready for this jelly


I rushed home from work to hurry up and use the oven with enough time to cool the house back down before anyone would notice. Anyone who tried to speak up would quickly have their mouths shut up with the best jelly donut cupcakes ever thanks to Veganomicon. This was my second attempt and it was a total success. The first time I read wrong and used a tablespoon of jelly per cupcake instead of a teaspoon. This cupcake had major muffin top and I nicknamed her "large marge", totally suitable for the dessert case at a diner, no?
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m said...

that looks like a real jelly donut! i bet it was really good.

jessica said...

oh my goodness, that picture is perfect! congratulations on your amazing donut adventure.

k said...

thanks gals! so good it almost made me want to drink coffee. i got great reviews at work and home, viva la veganomicon!