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Sunday, September 07, 2008

back II life

back II reality...shout out soul II soul style, get that one in your head.

put some tea on, i am having trouble snapping back. granted, sunday is usually my laziest day until about 5 p.m. so i am almost on track, but i am trying to fix that habit so maybe not quite.

upon my return, i haven't done much other than steadily upload all of the sonic goodness i brought home with me. esme made me a bunch of cd's and graciously used her discount for a few others. i have one and a half to go and i'll be loaded. dearly as i love my family, the best welcome was waiting on my bed when i got home, my man, john reis, okay so it was really only asg3 which finally arrived from lou's, let a girl take some liberties now and then. i really need to!

so where did the last few days go? as with any other trip, i don't really do the sights so much as i pretend to live there for a few days, but more like i just moved there since i don't totally know what i am doing yet. i got lost a few times but that's how you learn. luckily i did have a great guide in miss b and we had a blast. here are some of our stops: polvo's, sidebar, emo's, wholefoods, waterloo, bookpeople, cuba libre, jo's, misc. 1st thursday action, wheatsville, dhaba/toy joy, zona rosa (SQUEEZE!!!) and donn's depot.

i wish i had a few more days, but it's never really enough. also, why am i still a sucker for a saucy brit? somethings just never change and perhaps shouldn't.

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