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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


sometimes it seems i update this thing too much and other times, not enough. here is a quick catch up for the last blog of september, next month there should be more blah blah blogging due to the vegan mofoolery that is about to ensue.

when not blogging, i am:

* working
* napping (see #1)
* cooking
* reading book-books (currently: bless me ultima -- banned books week/month)
* reading cookbooks
* hanging out with my niece
* picking up after dogs
* trying to be a nicer/more patient person,
* holding onto my indie cred, remaining stylish/relevant, etc.
(all that stuff you do while accepting your age but not accepting being "old")

more topical:

* r.i.p. paul newman-- we can't be greedy though, 83 years is plenty and he made the most of them
* freaking the eff out about the election
* first place in the football pool at work, my team name is hail seitan, bwahahaha.

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